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Jeanie Buss slammed for Lakers’ disaster: it’s not all Darvin Ham’s fault

As the Los Angeles Lakers reel from yet another disappointing playoff exit, the blame game has intensified, with veteran NBA analyst Jason Timpf pointing the finger squarely at team owner Jeanie Buss.

In a recent episode of The Colin Cowherd Podcast, Timpf didn’t mince words, attributing the Lakers’ woes to the decisions made by Buss and the front office rather than solely placing blame on former coach Darvin Ham.

Timpf argued that the recruitment strategy, including the acquisition of Rui Hachimura and D’Angelo Russell, ultimately backfired, creating redundancy in the team’s lineup.

Furthermore, Timpf accused Ham of mismanaging the talent at his disposal, highlighting a critical period during the season where the Lakers suffered a 3-10 slump.

According to Timpf, Ham’s failure to back Russell during this rough patch exacerbated the team’s struggles, leading to a series of disappointing losses.

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Critics have also taken aim at Ham’s coaching style, contrasting it unfavorably with that of successful coaches like Michael Malone of the Denver Nuggets.

Timpf described Ham as a “benevolent motivator” who failed to hold players accountable, ultimately contributing to the team’s early playoff exit.

Despite the dismissal of coach Darvin Ham following the Lakers’ postseason departure, Timpf’s scathing remarks have shifted the spotlight onto Buss and the front office

LeBron acts as the “King” of the Lakers

LeBron’s control within the Lakers organization has been a topic of discussion for some time, with reports suggesting he has significant influence over roster decisions and coaching choices. Scott’s suggestion to make LeBron a player-coach, akin to Bill Russell with the Celtics, highlights the extent of LeBron’s influence.

LeBron, now approaching his 22nd season in the NBA, has also been in the spotlight due to his son, Bronny James, who is on the path to the NBA Draft. Bronny’s decision to declare for the draft after a lackluster college season has fueled speculation that LeBron could join any team that drafts his son.


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With the Lakers facing questions about their coaching situation and roster decisions, Scott’s suggestion adds an intriguing twist to the ongoing drama surrounding LeBron’s influence on the team.

Whether the Lakers will entertain the idea of LeBron taking on a coaching role remains to be seen, but it’s clear that his influence within the organization is undeniable.

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