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Top 20 Kentucky Rappers….


While there’s a vibrant hip-hop scene in Kentucky, narrowing it down to just 20 rappers is quite a challenge. From the gritty streets of Louisville to the rural corners of the state, Kentucky’s rap talent is diverse and impactful. Here are 20 artists who have left their mark on the Bluegrass State’s hip-hop landscape:

1. Jack Harlow – Louisville’s breakout star, known for hits like “What’s Poppin'”.
2. Bryson Tiller – Hailing from Louisville, Tiller’s soulful sound has gained global recognition.
3. 2KBABY – Rising star blending melodic rap from Louisville.
4. EST Gee – Emerging from Louisville with raw lyrics and a street-oriented sound.
5. B. Smith – Versatile rapper from Louisville, known for his introspective storytelling.
6. Philly Blocks – Louisville rapper with a unique flow and lyrical prowess.
7. Young Trello – Bowling Green native known for his energetic delivery and catchy hooks.
8. Static/Major – Late Louisville legend known for his songwriting and contributions to hip-hop.
9. Vory – Multi-talented artist from Louisville, known for his songwriting and versatile style.
10. Jecorey “1200” Arthur – Louisville rapper and educator blending hip-hop with classical music.
11. James Lindsey – Louisville artist known for his socially conscious lyrics and experimental sound.
12. Allen Poe – Versatile rapper from Lexington, known for his intricate wordplay.
13. Devine Carama – Conscious rapper from Lexington, advocating for social change through his music.
14. Nappy Roots – Collective from Bowling Green, known for their Southern rap style and hit “Po’ Folks”.
15. CunninLynguists – Underground hip-hop group with roots in Lexington.
16. Cino Fresh – Versatile artist from Louisville with a diverse range of styles.
17. Lamar Starzz – Louisville rapper known for his smooth delivery and introspective lyrics.
18. 2 Crucial – Duo from Louisville known for their energetic performances and catchy hooks.
19. Jay Elly – Lexington rapper known for his witty wordplay and clever punchlines.
20. Ace Pro – Louisville artist blending trap beats with introspective lyrics.

Each of these rappers brings something unique to the table, showcasing the diversity and talent within Kentucky’s hip-hop community. From chart-topping hits to underground classics, these artists continue to put the Bluegrass State on the map in the world of rap.

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